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Smak Tromso
SMAK: Northern Norwegian Cuisine on a Budget
Life in Tromso, Norwegian Culture - September 28, 2016

Admittedly, I’ve been bashing Norwegian cuisine on this blog quite a lot lately but if there’s one time I’ll happily spend tons of money on Norwegian food, it’s during Tromso… Read more »

5 Reasons why I will never be a true Norwegian
Norwegian Culture - September 21, 2016

Now before you say “yeah of course you can’t be Norwegian, you’re German – you can’t just become Norwegian”, hear me out. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up… Read more »

norwegian royal family
Typisk Norsk #2: The Norwegian Royal Family
Norwegian Culture - September 16, 2016

Welcome back to Typisk Norsk (= Typically Norwegian) – a series on all the little quirks of Norwegians that make it so interesting to live in this country! Norwegians love their… Read more »

Tromso on a Budget – 14 Free Things to do
Life in Tromso, Nordic Travels - September 14, 2016

The Arctic is a fascinating place and Tromso is a great starting point to explore it. It’s relatively easy to get to and combines nature with city life. But is it… Read more »

scandinavian cabin vacation
Why Autumn is the Best Time for a Scandinavian Cabin Vacation
Nordic Travels - September 7, 2016

While I’m enjoying the sunshine in Spain, I have Kacey from The Drifter Collective over to tell you why autumn is the perfect time to book a Scandinavian cabin vacation…. Read more »

Typisk Norsk #1: What Norwegian Cuisine has to offer
Life in Tromso, Norwegian Culture - September 2, 2016

I asked, you said yes and here I am – introducing a post series on Norwegian culture. Typisk Norsk (= Typically Norwegian) will be all about the little quirks of… Read more »

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